Here’s a picture of a fat squirrel taking a nap on a tiny branch. It’s way hot out and at first I thought this squirrel might actually be dead or dying from heat. But he scampered away after I opened the window, so he’s definitely still alive!

 photo photo_zpse0196e04.jpg

I have two finals tomorrow and one of them (microbiology) is going to be so, so hard. Also I had a job interview yesterday and have another two next week. Sometimes I wish I could be a fat squirrel living a stress-free life. Other times I feel bad for fat squirrels because going to school and having jobs can be fun and rewarding.

Sorry this blog is so weird lately!


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It sure is hard to type with these hooves!
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4 Responses to #squirrelthoughts

  1. Kathy Ruzicka says:

    Sure you will do great on finals–and interviews! Be glad when they are done for you!

  2. Andy says:

    That would look like a nice meal for Uncle Eddie, if it weren’t so high in cholesterol. I hope you did good on your tests and good luck on the interviews!

  3. Emma Emma says:

    Thanks guys! I ended up with As on both exams and in both classes. YAY! I still have to finish Chemistry 2 which– barring a miracle– will not be an A. So I’ll apply your well wishes to that as well, because I will really need them for that class!

    Interviews have been going well. I had another today and one scheduled for tomorrow. It’s so great to be in a place where there are jobs available, unlike Montana! I’m feeling really grateful to be in a position where I can decide between a few different options.

  4. Philly says:

    Oops, I’ve been lurking on Fawn Log all summer.
    How did the 2 new interviews go?
    I’ve been working on a Fawn Log sports post comparing Reds right fielder Jay Bruce to the bard of Avon himself, Shakespeare.

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