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My passion for fashion

What you should know: Recently my granny inexplicably got me a Vogue subscription.  So I’ve read most of the last four issues of a major fashion magazine. And by “read” I mean “looked at the pictures in.” I’ve been told … Continue reading

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How to Look Better, part 1 (BY GRACE!)

In this first installment of How to Look Better, the fabulous Grace Bentley shows you how to, um, look better. Have you ever wanted prettier hair or eyes? This is the post for you! OK, here are my beauty tips. … Continue reading

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My future, imaginary wedding

Anybody else have the problem where every time you hear a semi-romantic song you have to imagine whether it should be played at your future imaginary wedding? Just me, then? Anyway, I want this one: Another thing is, I want … Continue reading

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