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What if the NewsLeader were a sandwich? Would you eat it?

Tony, the world’s nicest connoisseur

One of Tony’s favorite activities is choosing one thing from a large selection. For example, evidence suggests that he likes Netflix more for browsing than for actually watching anything. Selecting music for an occasion can occupy him for hours, and … Continue reading

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Here’s a picture of a fat squirrel taking a nap on a tiny branch. It’s way hot out and at first I thought this squirrel might actually be dead or dying from heat. But he scampered away after I opened … Continue reading

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Brain Aneurysm

When I pick Tony up from work, I drive by a tattoo and body piercing shop called Kaleidoscope. There’s a big sign on the building about body piercing. The sign features a graphic that is supposed to look like a … Continue reading

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