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Tony, the world’s nicest connoisseur

One of Tony’s favorite activities is choosing one thing from a large selection. For example, evidence suggests that he likes Netflix more for browsing than for actually watching anything. Selecting music for an occasion can occupy him for hours, and … Continue reading

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The Time I Ruined Fawn Log

Well I accidentally ruined this blog! It all started when I became concerned about internet privacy and decided I needed to check my settings on photobucket (the image uploader I use for Fawn Log pictures). My account was already fairly secure, … Continue reading

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Cold cream and when was terrycloth invented?

Once upon a time, I turned 27 and started worrying that my face soap was giving me wrinkles. At roughly the same time, I remembered that my maternal grandma (who had gorgeous skin) used cold cream for her whole life. Then, … Continue reading

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