Welcome to the new and improved OR much worse Fawn Log

Hi friends, new and old!

I used to have a blog called Fawn Log, on which I shared many fleeting thoughts and gifs. Today, I have a blog called Fawn Log on which I will write about home renovation. I will still post gifs. And I’ll probably share fleeting thoughts.

Why will I write about home renovation, you ask? Because Tony and I just bought an old house, built in 1904! It’s amazing and I’m so excited to fix it up and get internet famous in the process. Just kidding about the internet famous stuff. Wait, can you get money from the internet without the fame part? Asking for a friend here.

I almost started a brand new blog, because that makes more sense, but then I couldn’t think of any name in the world better than Fawn Log so I figured I should just rebrand this one. I moved all of my old Fawn Log posts to private, so this is like a fresh start without the emotional baggage of dumb posts I wrote four years ago. Welcome to the new and either improved or significantly worse Fawn Log, depending on your preference!

Tony and I are real bride and groomzillas at the moment, since we’re getting married in a couple weeks. I will post when I can with pictures of the house and a floor plan and all that good stuff. In the meantime, get excited and/or sad about this change of direction in the comments!


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